Media Classes Fundraising for San Diego

Black River Falls Student Media is starting the process for fundraising for a trip to San Diego and new equipment for the class.

Beginning in January, students brainstormed ways to make money, and also get the student body involved. Publications teacher Julie Tiedens has spent a lot of time getting together different fundraisers for the kids in both SRL News and Yearbook classes.

“We have a really cool t-shirt design by Megan Engebretson that we are going to sell to people. I think a lot of students will like this because Megan is an amazing artist who has a really cool and original design. Also, we are going to have a flower sale for Valentine’s day that people always love to get involved in,” said Tiedens.

The Flower Sale will be held February 9-11 and will be distributed on Friday the 13. The carnations will be sold for $2 during lunch time. The t-shirt sale is still being thought through on where and when they will be sold and distributed.

These fundraising opportunities for students are for new camera and video equipment, along with a trip to San Diego in early Spring.

“The trip to San Diego is a combination of a bigger project all the students are doing. They were selected to create a documentary from their region. So in this trip, the documentary will shown at the conference, and they need to be there to see it,” said Tiedens.

This is going to be a convention for these media students to explore different exhibits, sessions, and contests to broaden their horizon on film and journalism.

“Going to San Diego will give us media students some national experience, get our names out there, and give us exposure to not only new tips and learning skills, but also professionals that we can learn from,” said media student Devin Newby.

The class is also advertising to local businesses as a fundraiser. Students will be able to see new ads in the yearbook and also segment tags on the morning announcements, GM97. Jenny Malchow is one of many students who is getting involved in the ad fundraising.

“These ads are a great way to get business exposure throughout the school and give them a way to reach out to our student body. We are hoping for as many ad segments as possible to make this a successful thing,” said Malchow.

These fundraisers will be happening throughout the next few months. Additional news on when these fundraisers, such as the t-shirts, will be specifically sold will be shared later to the student body through morning announcements.

BRF upsets long time rival West Salem

The West Salem and Black River Falls rivalry was on full display January 24 during the Coulee Conference weekend at the La Crosse Center.

“The La Crosse Center is a very different place to play for high school kids. There is no back drop behind the baskets and the ceiling is much higher than normal high school gyms. Depth perception is a little off for all players,” said head coach Mike Gaier.

Freshman Ethan Anderson says he had a lot of confidence coming into this game, but it was still nerve-wracking to walk in to the La Crosse Center knowing he and his team were taking on long-time rival West Salem.

“It was kind of intimidating at first walking in to a big arena to play a big basketball game, but I just had to focus and play hard like I have been the whole season,” said Anderson.

Baily Williams and the West Salem Panthers started the game strong, but the Tigers were right behind them. BRF Junior Jack Roou kept the Tigers fired up and did his job, scoring a game high 24 points that night.

“All I had to do was put the ball in the hoop and that would bounce off the other players. We knew that we had to play hard the whole 32 minutes to come out with a W,” said Roou.

Gaier’s strategy for the game: play hard for the whole 32 minutes.

“We prepared for the game just like always. We tightened up our offensive sets and tweaked out defensive scheme to take away their offensive tendencies. It wasn’t all me, though, the boys had to come into this game hungrier than ever, and they did just that,” said Gaier.

Senior Matt LaFaunge credited the strong family bond that the guys have this season.

“I can sense a strong love for each other within the team and passion to get better every day. Everyone is pushing each other day in and day out to have a more successful season. This year the guys have a bond that’s unbreakable. We have had each others back through out the whole season,” said LaFaunge.

An earlier version of this story stated that Ethan Anderson is the only freshman on the varsity roster. Freshman Isaac Cowles also plays on the varsity team.