Studying Hard Sophomore Arianna Anderson works hard on her homework during focus.  She works hard despite the warm weather affecting many students.

Studying Hard
Sophomore Arianna Anderson works hard on her homework during focus. She works hard despite the warm weather affecting many students.

Warmer weather brings a desire for summer vacation in many students which causes some to slack off in order to spend more time outside.

“I definitely think that people begin to slack off towards the end of the year. I think this can be mainly credited to the fact that people are just burned out. Plus, the closer summer vacation gets, the easier it is to get busy doing fun things rather than homework,” said senior Allie Sweeney.

For Sweeney, she has started to feel the affect of summer.

“I definitely am getting pumped for summer. School work has definitely gone to the side for me, even though I know I have a lot to do,” said Sweeney. “My grades are awful right now. But it is so easy to procrastinate and push it off for the very end of the year.”

While some students’ grades are affected by their desire for summer vacation, sophomore Arianna Anderson makes sure that her grades are where she wants them.

“I feel like I am working twice as hard as I have been all year because it is towards the end of the year and I want to make sure my grades are up and all of my assignments are turned in on time and before the end of the year,” said Anderson.

Some people, like senior Emily Hammes, think that students becoming burned-out from school is from a lack of motivation.

“I do think that students are less motivated to work.  Some students just do not care much about school, so when summer is close they just check out and don’t try,” said Hammes.

However, Sweeney and junior Eric Markhardt think the cause of students not working as hard as before is different from a lack of motivation.

“I don’t think people are really less motivated, I just think other things are coming up more often that make it easier to stray from homework and school in general. I think the itch for summer is greater than the ambition for school work,” said Sweeney.

Markhardt thinks that teachers are part of the cause of students burning out at the end of the year.

“It becomes super stressful when teachers start rushing to cover the material and homework piles up,” said Markhardt.

One of the common factors that many students, including senior Taylar Dalbec, deal with when it comes to the end of the year is stress from being too busy.

“I am feeling overwhelmed with banquets, sports, homework, and exam studying!  I am trying to find a way to balance everything and this is the key to ending any year strongly.  Some students just can’t handle the stress and give-up into what is commonly called senioritis,” said Dalbec.

Senior Dillan Bundeuses a good strategy when it comes to trying to overcome his senioritis.

“I am trying to get all of my work done when I get it right away,” said Bunde.

Whether a student slacks during the last weeks of school due to a lack of motivation or being busy, receiving lower grades can be harmful for his or her grade.

“What [students] don’t think about is how it will affect them in the years to come.  Work hard to the end and then you won’t have any regrets,” said Hammes.