Prom: A Waste of Money

Infographic by Samantha Barnum
Infographic by Samantha Barnum

Prom is one of the most anticipated events for juniors and seniors; however, it is also the most costly.  While it may be fun and exciting to get dressed up, it does not feel good to see money that could be spent elsewhere, gone.  Prom is a waste of money because a person does not need to spend hundreds of dollars just to hang out with his or her friends.

The cost that students are spending for their prom has risen since last year.  According to Carl Azuz from CNN, a recent survey from Visa Inc. found that American families spent an average of $1,078 for prom. Though it does depend on a person’s budget, according to PromGirl, it could cost anywhere from $175 to $2,100.

There are many expenses when it comes to prom.  Dresses, hair and makeup, prom tickets, dinner, and limousine rentals are some of the costs breaking the bank.  However, the cost does depend on the gender.

Guys buy the tickets, which are $20.  Since they need to buy two, they will have already spent $40.  In a survey, it found that 71% of guys rent a tux which is usually an average of $127.  Of the students surveyed, 81% said that guys have to pay for dinner which could range from $25 to $130 per person.  On the high end, guys could pay $297 on just the items that they need to directly buy themselves.

Girls, on the other hand, will have more expenses.  The average cost of most prom gowns are from $100 to $400.  Only 35% of girls survey said that they spent between $150 to $300 on their gowns while 13% girls said that they spent $300 to $400.

Hair, makeup, and nails are additional expenses girls have.  It could range from $30 to $275.  On the high end, girls could spend $675.

If a group of friends wants to rent a limousine, then it will cost even more.  Renting a limousine could cost anywhere from $200 to $500.  Splitting the money with a group is the best option.  If it is split between eight people, it would cost $62.50 per person if the rental cost is $500.

According to these websites, the total cost for prom could be $1,097 for a girl and a boy combines if they pay on the higher end of prices.  However, a survey found on average, girls spend about $450 and boys spend about $200 on prom.

Is that money worth hanging out with friends for three to four hours?  Is it worth it for girls to spend hundreds on a gown that will never be worn again?  Prom is supposed to be a night of fun.  Sure, it may be nice for a girl to feel like a princess for a night, but in the end, that money has been wasted.  Fun does not have a price; spending time with good friends is priceless.

Being Bullied on Delete Your Account.

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, about half of young people have experienced some form of cyber bullying, and 10 to 20 percent experience it regularly. Websites like contribute to this statistic very heavily.

Cyberbullying is a very real issue and websites like seem to be made for it. If you do not know what is, it is a site, much like Facebook and many other social media websites, that allows users to ask each other questions. That does not sound so terrible, but what makes dangerous to some teens is the fact that you can ask questions anonymously. Look around for a little bit and you will see many anonymously asked questions. Some may be perfectly fine, asking about the users day or favorite food. Other questions asked are not even questions. Some of the “questions” are just statements and because of the ability to ask anonymously, students can say very harsh things and never feel the consequences.

So what should teenagers who are being bullied on do? The simplest answer to the question is to just delete the account. Go to settings, click on profile, and deactivate the account. When someone starts to get bullied on any website, the bullying will probably not stop just because the victim asks the bully to stop. With, bullying is sure to continue because people have the ability to ask anonymous questions and will never have to pay for what they said.

Some people seem to think that there are ways they can avoid bullying and have the account. There is the option to let anonymous questions be disabled, but that will not solve all the issues. If someone really wants to say something to a person and not have that person know who they are, they can just make a fake account with a fake name and a fake email. This would take less than a minute and the person could ask anyone questions. Sure, the victim can block the bully, but they can say plenty of awful things before that happens. Even if they do get blocked, the bully can just create another account.

So, if you are ever being bullied on, or are being asked very inappropriate questions that make you feel uncomfortable, just delete the account. You will save your emotions from being damaged and you will have more time to do something more worthwhile.

NCAA Players Already Get a Good Deal

In today’s world, everyone is looking for their fair cut. One of the biggest disputes regarding the fairness of money is whether athletes in the NCAA should get paid for their labors. With “March Madness” just around the corner, the debate if the players should get paid or not will be buzzing. People argue that if the coaches and everyone behind the scenes are getting their pay check from the player’s successes, it doesn’t seem fair that they never see any of that money. I disagree; these athletes are given so much for doing something that they love. College athletes should not get paid.

Players in the NCAA are given a full ride scholarship for playing basketball. CNN says that the average student comes out of college with $30,000 of debt. The basketball players in the NCAA don’t have to worry about leaving college with any expenses. With the cost of some of these colleges that the students are attending to play basketball, it’s a pretty great deal. Some of the biggest schools that take part in the NCAA are Duke, costing $61,404 a year; Syracuse, costing $57,450 a year; and Madison, costing $30,000 a year. These students are given great opportunities at some of America’s best schools.

Along with the fully paid schooling, the players are given some amazing experiences. They have all paid trips in coach, they stay in 5 star hotels, and all of their meals are paid for. They are basically given free vacations to play a sport they love. In 2008, ESPN reported that there was $5,200,000 spent on team travel. The athletes are experiencing things that most people will never have the money to afford.

One of the biggest countering arguments is how much the coaches get paid. People say that they are making money off of these players and all their hard work. According to USA today, the highest paid coach in the NCAA is Mike Krzyewski from Duke, getting paid $7,233,976 a year. While it seems unfair that these students are not getting paid for their labors, they are getting paid in experience and publicity.

The players wouldn’t have taken on this college basketball career if it wasn’t something that did not want. They are playing the game they love and they are getting so much publicity for it. According to Media Life, an online daily magazine, the NCAA spends $1 billion dollars in ad revenues. Through this, they are getting these player’s names out there for all the NBA scouts. Business Insider stated that players are more likely to go to the NBA after college than after high school. 1.2% of men go pro while playing on a college team, compared to 0.03% of men that go pro after high school.

The players participating in the NCAA tournament are given the opportunity of a life time. All of their schooling is paid, they are given all expenses paid trips in coach seating  to some of the nicest hotels, all meals paid. The biggest advantage of all? They are getting publicity for doing the sport that they love. If the players got paid, it would take away from the excitement of “March Madness.” It would basically be the NBA. The NCAA has given these players a lot to help them be successful. They should be thankful for their experiences and look farther beyond a paycheck.