Last Band Concert of Year Met with Tears

Many tears were shed on Tuesday night at the band and choir’s last concert of the year as seniors said goodbye to their musical family.

“It is an interesting feeling, it’s a sadness that it is over but there is happiness knowing that it isn’t the end that there are greater things out there for me that are yet to come,” said senior John Holty. Holty is not only the only senior who is feeling a sadness over the last concert.

“Now that my last concert is done, I’m feeling overwhelmed and sad, because the “end” is near. I don’t want to leave yet, I’m too close with everyone,” said senior Mackenzie Sumner. Sumner has been in the choir for four years.

“I am going to miss the wonderful friendships I made. Everyone is so fantastic and leaving them is the hardest,” said senior Katherine Hegna.

Friendships are not the only thing that the seniors will miss after graduation.

“My favorite memory would be singing with my barbershop brothers and my male a capella brothers,” said Holty.

All seniors have at least one memory from band and/or choir that they are fond of.

“My favorite memory or memories would have to be when we sang “Secrets” by One Republic, and the very last day of my junior year when we all jammed out to Backstreet Boys,” said Sumner. This year’s seniors want to leave a little bit of advice for the incoming freshman.

“For the upcoming freshman, I would say to have lots of fun. Be involved as much as you can with the music program, whether it be the musical, variety show, a capella groups, anything. Just be involved. Have a lot of confidence. If you don’t, well, it’ll turn out much worse than you think. Confidence will boost the performance and you’ll have a lot of fun with the pieces. It all goes fast, treat each other like family and enjoy yourselves while you can. This is not an “easy A,” in order to succeed you need actually work hard to do well! You can do it!” said Sumner.