18 year old political junkie

Senior Joshua Hanson

This summer senior Joshua Hanson had the opportunity to work for Organizing for America (OFA), a democratic political organization. Hansons’s job in OFA this summer was titled “Acting Canvassing Coordinator.”

The position title can be explained as: serving temporarily for the persuasion of voters in a political campaign. His task was to see that work gets done promptly and efficiently. One of his main duties was to run an OFA phone bank. Phone banks are put together by establishing lists of registered voters, developing a call list, making and providing volunteers with scripts, and finally, setting the calls into motion.

OFA, also known as Obama for America, strives for the re-election of Obama, and the passing of his legislation. Its summer programs are intended to be for people who want to become politically involved, and for those with a strong pride in the country’s constitution and the rights that come with it.

Hanson said, “It’s fun! Everyone else should do it.”

Hanson worked especially close with August’s recall elections, which his calls, and the directing of people to door-to-door areas, were majorly based upon.

“Because the Republicans that were in office were elected in a year that was deemed a ‘democratic year,’ they were either very well liked or very well represented by the Republican areas. Therefore the ejection of them was a major score for the Democrats. In addition to that, three Democratic leaders were able to sustain their spots,” Hanson said.

How could he possibly have come to all this at such a young age? That’s a question that is more commonly asked than not. The answer would be that he began his interest in politics in 2008 (which he says was furthered after taking both American Politics and 21st Century World) and really began to get involved in 2010.

Before he took his position, he attended OFA training in Milwaukee. His house contains his own “office” which is covered in political quotes and ideas, and he even entered and became a finalist for a summer essay contest that if won, would have led to him having dinner with Obama.

Hanson said, “I hope that my work with OFA and with politics in general will help me  gain success in my future career, and influence two colleges (Georgetown and William and Mary) to accepting me.”

Senior Jordyn Hilts calls Hanson “devoted, enthusiastic, and a future political leader” and senior Tim Nortman says, “Oh, I think he’ll definitely accomplish his goals.”

Hanson explains he is going to continue his political involvement during the school year by “trying to make a difference in any way I can.” He will be participating in OFA’s “Fall Fellow” Program which concentrates on sustaining and building his team and in his own words: “taking it one step at a time.”