FFA Beat Update: Cheese and Sausage Sale

Around this time of year, the FFA gives out yellow sale sheets for their largest single fund-raiser, the Cheese and Sausage Sale. Each member is encouraged to sell to friends, family, teachers, neighbors and workplaces, (whether theirs or their parents). This year, due to local deals, the FFA was able to lower prices of some of the items, saving customers money. 

Some cheeses include Bacon, three kinds of Cheddar, Marble, Colby, Hot pepper, Muenster, cheese curds, Horseradish, Provolone, and new Pizza cheese. Some providers are AMPI, Foremost Farms and Lynn Dairy.

Local meat markets like, Craig’s Meats, Fall’s Meats and Helstad’s Best, supply most of the meat. They serve much more than just sausage. There’s ring bologna, four different kinds of beef sticks, beef and pork jerky and two special orders. The Hunter’s Breakfast Bundle consists of 2 lbs. pork sausage links, 2 lbs. bacon, two ham slices and a four pack of Polish sausages. The Deer Hunter Special is another special order and consists of 1 lb beef sticks (regular) 1 lb. beef jerky and 12 individually wrapped cheese sticks. 

The FFA also sells popped gallon containers of popcorn. Caramel, Cheddar, French Vanilla and Cranberry Twist are the flavors to choose from. 

The goal of this sale is to raise $10,000 worth of Cheese and Sausage sales. Last year they made over $9.000 in sales. 

The money raised is used for several different ways. 

A portion of money will go to community events. These include the expenses of flowers for the Pineview Nursing Home, Food For America for 4th graders, Beef Cookout garbage cleanup, vending machine in school, making cheese at the Farm Breakfast, bringing animals to the Spring Fling, usually their SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) animals, christmas tree pickup in January, Ice Cream Social for the teachers and garden tubs for elderly, providing them with fresh tomatoes, peppers, lettuce and flowers right on their porch. 

Some of the money would go to Student trips, these funds help offset the payments for members to go to workshops, conferences and conventions. State and National Convention are the most money due to travel expenses, with the funds almost everyone can go with little expense to them or their parents. Speaking Contests are competitions where FFA members demonstrate their knowledge of how to how a proper meeting , memorization of the FFA creed, and different types of speeches which you all have to drive to. The FFA raises Tilapia in an Aquaculture tank and students maintain it until the fish are ready then they fillet them and eat them as a party.

The chapter portion is used to advertise and strengthen our chapter. Officer Outing is when the new officers go to anywhere in Wisconsin and design the program of activities for the year. Parent’s Night is when FFA members show appreciation towards their parents. Awards and scholarships cost money so the Awards Banquet shows the accomplishments of the members.