Teacher Spotlight: Becca Kranzusch

Sign language interpreter Becca Kranzusch talked about her job at BRFHS and the winter activity that she will be taking on during the upcoming chilly season.

 As a sign language interpreter, Kranzusch does a lot of talking with her hands; however, within a couple of minutes of talking with her it’s easy to see her pleasant personality shine. Her enthusiasm rises and her smile widens when she talks about the career path she has followed to be where she is today.

 “I attended school in the Whitehall, Black River Falls, and Osseo school districts as I grew up. As a senior in high school, I took an American Sign Language class through ITV,” said Kranzusch.

 Her interests varied as a high school student. She wanted to find something she enjoyed to do after she graduated.

 “I was never good at speaking Spanish. So when I began to learn sign language, it just clicked. I was really good,” said Kranzusch.

 She earned her American Sign Language degree from Fox Valley Technical School. Then she moved back to Black River Falls with her husband in 2007. Since then, she has been a student interpreter at BRFHS.

 “I wouldn’t like to work in the justice or medical fields for interpreting. I think I would be too emotional,” said Kranzusch.

 As far as expanding her involvement at BRFHS, Kranchez has accepted the position of coach for the Tiger Dance Team.

With 14 years of dance training, Kranzusch predicts that this season will be different for the team, but also very fun.

 “The girls will have to work hard because the training will be rigorous,” said Kranzusch.

Dance team try-outs will be held in October with practice to follow in November. It is encouraged that high school students interested in dance try out for the Tiger Dance Team this winter. You might not know that you’re good at something until you try, like Kranzusch and sign language.