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Fine Arts Night Brings Together Music and Visual Arts

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This year’s Fine Arts night is being put on differently than any other past years. This year not only is there an art show, but also at the same time the band and choir will be performing their last concert of the year.

Taryn McKeeth, the new art teacher, is experiencing her second art show at our high school along with the students help, everyone one is preparing to showcase their art.

“The students and I have prepared (in class) by doing the projects, and over the last couple of weeks, we have been filling out name tags and figuring out titles, and getting all of the finishing touches put in order and making sure everything is ready,” said Mckeeth.

McKeeth along with her students and art club member are excited for many different reasons.

“I’m most excited to see everyone else’s artwork and see all their hard work, along with mine, to pay off,” said art club member Mckenna Aldach.

Mckeeth is more excited to see how the community with react to all of the artwork.

“I’m most excited for the community to see the variety that the kids have made in art class. I like how I give a project assignment and then I start to walk around and see how every students piece is different, but they all have the same objective. It’s really nice to see how creativity stems for each and every individual and I think the community will be able to really see that, ” said McKeeth.

This year’s art show is more about the functional art which many people tend to enjoy more.

“Since I’m still pretty new here at Black River Falls, I’m not really sure what has been done for art shows in the previous years but the other art show this year was mostly 2D things whereas this art show will be kinda the opposite where there will be mostly 3D things and less 2D and I think people respond to 3D artwork more than 2D,” said McKeeth.

Over the years, many art shows have just been brushed pass and the turnouts haven’t always been the best, but with the band and choir concert going on at the same time, this year is thought to go differently.

“I think it will be pretty successful because of our collaboration with the band and choir and them having their concerts on the same night. We kind of planned it together as a team as a way to bring the community together and see everything the arts have to offer here,” said McKeeth.

Many members of the community came out to see what the arts had to provide and it many students believe the night was very successful and turned out what they wanted it to be.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t help with the setting up since I had my concert, but it all looked so nice and I really enjoyed what everyone had to show on display. Lots of talent all around,” said Aldach.

The rest of the members felt the same way and are hoping to continue that trend for the future art shows.

Rosenberg Turns Talent to Cash

Junior Keria Rosenberg has taken advantage of her talent and is using it to make a profit.

Rosenberg has been knitting since she was 13 and took a health class that required a no-technology weekend.

“I had all this yarn laying around and this book that had a tutorial on how to knit, and I thought I might as well teach me how to knit to pass some time. I’ve been doing it ever since,” said Rosenberg.

Knitting can be a very expensive hobby having to buy all the yarn and needles and sometimes even buying designs, to get what you wanted to be made.

“It’s kind of a nice balance of fueling my hobby just solely to do it,” said Rosenberg.

Knitting is a hobby that takes up a lot of free time, and Keira makes several different items that can take days to create.

“A hat usually takes me about less than 10 hours, or if its a scarf, depending on the length, it can take me anywhere from 3-5 days,” said Rosenberg.

Keira has been selling her items for a while now and has sold around 11 hats so far, but yet to sell any of her scarves.   

“Hats, I charge $5, which is an extra dollar if they want a pom pom on top and for scarves I’m thinking around $7, maybe $9 if you want fringe,” said Rosenberg.

In the future, Keira plans to continue knitting and open an Etsy shop or her own online page where she can sell her creations.

Six Minutes Added to Day

Due to the overwhelming amount of snow days, six extra minutes have been added to the end of the day.

Many students have their own opinions on how the school dealt with this decision including sophomore Molly McNulty, freshman Faith Leisgang, and junior Rebecca Ross.

“I think it’s pretty annoying to sit in focus an extra amount of time doing nothing if you’re on privilege. Since I’m not on Tiger privilege, I can’t leave school, so I’m stuck here an extra six minutes,” said McNulty.

Juniors and seniors are the only grades allowed to leave early during focus if they’re on Tiger privilege, so many are not affected by the change.

“I’m kind of on the fence because with Tiger privilege I can leave, so it’s not really affecting me in any way,” said Ross.

Students that are involved with sports have to rush to get ready to make sure they are changed in time for practice since the practice time for sports remain at 3:30.

Many students that aren’t in sports find no conflict with it affecting their after-school schedule.

“It doesn’t affect me personally, but I think it does affect the people that play sports a lot,” said McNulty.

Since there were so many minutes to make-up due to having too many snow days, the school district felt as if this was the best way to approach this situation for everyone.

Many students believe there could have been another way to approach this situation instead of adding extra minutes.

“I think that they could have taken out the one-hour early release that we have on Friday because no one really sees an advantage to having it, and it’s something that isn’t really necessary,” said McNulty.

A lot of students seem to share the same opinion of taking away our one-hour early release, but the district didn’t approach it that way because of the meeting time the staff has when the students leave early. Faith had a different idea.

“I think that they could have possibly started school at 7:45 instead of 7:51, so adding that extra time onto advising which everyone is required to be there for instead of the juniors and seniors having the advantage to leave during focus,” said Leisgang.

Even though most tend to disagree with the extra six minutes, Rebecca seems to think that it was a good idea.

“I think it was a good idea because some people have jobs that have them work early on Friday’s now since we get out early, so taking the early release away would have affected them,” said Ross.

Although students continue to express their opinion, it is something that is not going to change. Not only is there an extra six minutes every day, also the last day of school is no longer an early release and will be extended to a full day.

Boys basketball team looks for improvement

Coaches prepared the team by giving them extra opportunities this past summer such as weight lifting and summer tournaments.

“We asked the team to do a lot of summer work, relying on kids to do things independently as well as providing opportunities in the weight room and in the gym several times a week, as well as doing summer tournaments over in Kaukauna and down in Stoughton,” said coach Jared Plaza.

Plaza believes it’s not about what the coaches have done differently but more about the group of kids they have. Many of the players are experienced returning players from last year.

“It’s a lot more encore leadership but also their familiarity in our system that allows us to do a lot of variations in our practices and our offensive and defensive schemes,” said Plaza.

Plaza has one goal short-term in mind specifically which is to beat Gale-Ettrick-Trempealeau.

“I think on a larger scale we are a sectional squad for sure, if not better,” said Plaza.

Senior Jacob Woods says he has practiced a lot harder and put in more enthusiasm than he did last year.

Along with Plaza, the players have many goals of their own.

“My goal for us is to make it to state,” said senior Bryce Seiber.

Woods took advantage of many of the summer practice availabilities and is grateful they were offered.

“We had a lot of opportunities this summer to go to practice and make ourselves better in the offseason, and people who took advantage of those opportunities are playing well this year,” said Woods.

The Tiger team lost Thursday against Osseo-Fairchild and currently hold a record of 3-4 and continue to practice harder and improve.